ArKaos Launches MediaMaster 6

ArKaos, the leading real-time visual processing technology provider for live performance and all types of spectacular displays, releases the most significant features update in recent years for its legendary MediaMaster real-time video control software platform, MediaMaster 6.

This MediaMaster feature update not only provides a brand new, streamlined user interface, it also unlocks multiple dynamic new features and offers 50% more performance, power, and speed* compared to previous versions – taking creativity and imagination to new levels, enabling users to produce the most spectacular high impact shows.

The brand-new Remote Player is one stand out feature – a cue-based programming tool especially designed for those working on long term and permanent installations and other fixed environment scenarios.

Remote Player is a network-based media player allowing the control of multiple servers from a single point on the network. A central programming hub can control cue lists that can be allocated to one or more separate MediaMaster entities in the network. The cue lists can be triggered manually or run via external triggers.

MediaMaster 6 significantly expands the software control options. It brings compatibility with the popular Elgato Stream Deck AND adds two new DMX fixture profiles – Layer Extended 2.0 and Layer Full 2.0 – which can control up to 112 DMX parameters per layer, available with the MediaMaster Pro licence.

For full flexibility, MediaMaster 6 significantly increased the number of available layers. MediaMaster Express doubled from 12 to 24 layers while MediaMaster Pro provides 48 layers.

Bringing even more power to MediaMaster’s layers, Single Layer Transitions add a vital new tool with massive potential, allowing crossfading between two visuals on a single layer. On each layer the software also adds a second Effects Generator and a brand-new Mask Engine so a mask can be loaded directly. This greatly simplifies the programming of visual transitions and – again – boosts the speed and efficiency of the process.

In addition to a broad group of popular codecs, the software is expanded further to run the streamlined proprietary ArKaos patented SAGA codec, guaranteeing the best performance, maximum number of visual playbacks and ultimate visual quality with 10-bit definition per colour and an Alpha Channel.

Other advantages of SAGA include lower disc usage than with a standard HAP codec, also boosting the speed, with the ability to play clips backwards and accelerated CPU and GPU rendering. There is no chroma re-sampling, and the resolution size is unlimited.

Another prominent new feature includes compatibility with any HDR 10 / HLG screen, and with the specific HDR modes used by most major LED screens, which is the result of a collaboration with top processor manufacturers Brompton and Novastar to ensure a match with their products.

ArKaos has been ahead of the game in developing an engine for HDR 10 and HLR screens which enables the display of fuller colour ranges, greater depth, and more detailed, exquisite, and realistic images.

Upgrades are available from MediaMasters 4 and 5 to 6 as a one-time payment with guaranteed free updates for the next 12 months included.

For those who simply must always have the newest and greatest features, a subscription is available covering all updates within a year.