Astera Launches New AX2 PixelBar

Wireless LED lighting specialist Astera launches its new AX2 PixelBar product – a quality linear wash fixture with wireless control, onboard battery, individually addressable LEDs, ultra-high colour rendering, fabulous digital colour calibration and a 21-degree beam.

As with all Astera products, the AX2 is fully wirelessly controlled, robustly engineered, stylish … and comes complete with a range of ingenious rigging tools to provide solutions for multiple lighting applications and sectors – from concert touring to live events to TV productions and architectural and installations.

The AX2 PixelBar is a perfect extension of the Astera AX range which includes LightDrops and LED PARs. It is currently available in two versions, a 1 metre fixture with 16 x 10W LEDs and 50cm fixture with 8 x 10W LEDs.

It was developed to meet demand for wall, backdrop or surface washing luminaires offering the same highly practical and quality lighting options as other Astera products and is compatible with the AX and Titan ranges.

Premium optics focus the lightsources and superior colour mixing, and homogeneity ensure a super-smooth even wash of light across its entire path.

Utilising Astera’s acclaimed Titan LED light engine, the AX2 features a high CRI and TCLI and can produce a beautifully refined range of perfect colour temperatures from 1750 to 20000 Kelvin. The digital calibration allows it to precisely reproduce any colour or gel filter.

Other neat Astera innovations include a package of smart feet, hangers, connectable endcaps and – via the integrated airline track – units can quickly be assembled in numerous ways.

The quick connect system for attaching two or more units is designed to maintain a consistent pixel pitch between conjoined fixtures, and the feet can be loosened to assist in angling a row of AX2s uniformly along its entire length. Great for illuminating larger surfaces like walls and set pieces.

With the press of a button on one AX2, all the fixtures in a string of connected units will conveniently auto DMX address via their integrated IR modules. They communicate with each other and each fixture knows its position in a ‘flow set’.

They can be controlled via the AsteraApp and inbuilt Lumen Radio wireless CRMX, in addition to a physical 5-pin XLR socket and Powercon in / out connectors for running a wired option, making it extremely straightforward to daisy-chain AX2s.

The AX2s are also super-easy to hang in a truss or to a roof beam or other structural component.

Astera AX2 PixelBar 50.

In this product, Astera has addressed the needs of multiple production disciplines and scenarios to produce a product as flexible and attractive as possible, including making the fixture IP65 rated for exterior use.

From classic wall-washing during events, AX2s are also ideal for being rigged in flown trusses and used for cool individual pixel effects. They can be used onstage to light up bands / artists from a footlights or side position, or for light curtains, and are versatile flicker-free light sources for TV studios, livestream setups and other recording and camera environments, as well as a great ‘special’ for film shoots.

Astera Sales director Sebastian Bückle commented, “Ten years ago, we offered a battery-powered LED bar which was one of our most popular products at the time, and some people are still using it while others have asked us for years when we will offer another wash fixture.

“I am happy to announce that we now have a worthy successor, packed with the latest technology such as the Titan LED engine and auto-addressing which detects all the connected lights and assigns individual DMX addresses. The AX2 was well worth the wait!

“We believe AX2 will appeal to lighting professionals working across a broad range of sectors and will also be appreciated by those currently using other Astera products in their lighting designs and schemes.”

As you would expect from Astera, several cool accessories are also available for AX2.

These include barn doors to further focus and control the light source as needed. One additional use is that these can act as a “glare shield” so you don’t see the LEDs – only the effect – on the wall.

SuperClamps and a TrackHangar facilitates hanging the fixtures and enables the attachment of safety bonds, while the FlyBar suspends up to 4-metre lengths of connected AX2 PixelBars. There is a quick-release clamp for demounting; TrackPins for ‘gobo heads’ and multifunctional feet.

Jump Cable is a hybrid solution to link two AX2s with power and DMX data, and Astera’s famous integrated charging flightcases are available in 4 and 8-way versions for combining charging with safe and secure transportation of the fixtures.