BLUMANO Launches BLUMANO East Asia

BLUMANO, entertainment-industry consultants in safety and machinery design, is expanding into the Asian market with the announcement of BLUMANO East Asia. The addition of this first-class base will work closely with BLUMANO’s network of offices in Ireland, the UK, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Laurent Ste-Marie joins this dynamic organisation and brings with him 25-years’ experience and vast knowledge of the acrobatic rigging world, which is a key addition to BLUMANO’S wide range of combined skills. His remarkable background in technical production and project management includes working with some of the most innovative companies and notable sporting events in the industry.

BLUMANO is thrilled to have Laurent on board, and feels it further enhances its ability to provide dynamic, full-service, multiplatform packages to clients needing engineering solutions and high levels of support, especially in a post Covid world.

Laurent began taking some of BLUMANO’s training courses and through multiple interactions and conversations discovered he shared similar values and approaches to safety and design with the team.

“Seeing how the entertainment industry is bouncing back from an unfortunate dip, the timing seemed right to take on a new and exciting challenge by joining yet another industry leader. Through our exchanges we realised that our passion for the industry, vision, and dedication for the promotion of a safe work environment would make a partnership between us a perfect fit. It is an honour to be part of the BLUMANO team and I’m looking forward to extending renowned support to existing and new clients in the East Asian market” commented Laurent.

BLUMANO and Laurent’s common expectations about working together have been confirmed thanks to their recent collaboration. Both parties embrace the open communication, dynamic flow of ideas and different perspectives, which helps with the successful delivery of ongoing projects. The transition to the team has been seamless and provides promising growth for the company by expanding into a new market.

The company is specialised in atypical technical frameworks, including all areas standard engineering companies might not choose to deal with. This can include handling performer flying, moving elements above audiences and automation of special and unique objects designed for shows, festivals, concert tours, corporate events, ceremonies, and other special events.

BLUMANO also provides a variety of services designed to help clients adjust to the developing landscape of the entertainment industry due to changes brought on by the Covid pandemic. Services like technical production, compliance & certification, H&S of machinery & equipment in use, integration of machinery & controls, and machinery risk assessments are just some of the services included in BLUMANO’s wide-ranging portfolio. The company’s motto is the more complex and challenging, the better!

Over the years, BLUMANO has garnered a great reputation for ingenuity and perseverance in finding safe and workable engineering solutions in a fast-paced industry for projects all over the world. The BLUMANO East Asia expansion is a testament to its passion and commitment to safety and design, and will bring forward a blend of more innovative and creative ideas to the entertainment industry.