CHAUVET Professional Features Bright and Quiet Theatre Fixtures at PLASA

Visitors to stand E-23 at PLASA won’t believe their eyes or ears when they see (and don’t hear!) Chauvet Professional’s Maverick Silens 2 Profile and the Ovation Rêve fixtures.

Although quiet as a mouse, both “see all, hear nothing from curtain to camera” fixtures: will be generating a loud and enthusiastic buzz among those involved in theatre and broadcast lighting as a result of their high output and performance features.

“We’re creating an immersive environment at PLASA that’s all about exceeding any one viewer’s perspective,” said Michael Brooksbank, managing director of Chauvet Europe. “With ABTT merging with PLASA, we know that there will be a greater theatre presence at this year’s show. Broadcast professionals should also be well represented; and our team is eager to introduce these visitors to two products that are ideal for their markets.”

This enthusiasm is easy to understand when looking at the Maverick Silens 2 Profile. Already impressing with its performance at Paris’ iconic Louis Vuitton Foundation, the 560-watt profile fixture features a completely fan-less design, which allows it to operate in absolute silence, while delivering impeccable color consistency. Further distinguishing this unique product are its customized optics, variable CMY +CTO color mixing, +/- green adjustments, and a host of other features, including animations effects, static gobo wheel, and emulated red shift.

The Ovation Rêve will also be impressing with its “best of both worlds,” deign that combines the market’s brightest multi-color and full spectrum white ellipsoidal in a single unit, making it an invaluable tool for broadcast and theatrical productions. Virtually silent with its fan-off mode, the new fixture has color temperature presets ranging from 2800K to 8000K to maintain outstanding brightness, an emulated “red shift” for a tungsten feel and multiple dimming curves.

In addition to seeing the Maverick 2 Silens Profile and Ovation Rêve, visitors to the CHAUVET Professional stand will be able to immerse themselves in broadcast lighting solution sessions and real-time product demonstrations. These demos, which can also be streamed directly to cell phones, will cover a range of Maverick and Ovation disruptive technology introductions.

“Our focus at this year’s PLASA is to provide visitors with the right tools and information that can enhance their creativity and effectiveness,” said Brooksbank. “We want to help them be in a better position to take advantage of the opportunities that will be arising as things open up again.”