Chris Moylan stages world premiere of new Škoda Fabia with Elation Proteus™

On May 4th, Czech auto manufacturer Škoda presented its new Fabia to the world, the fourth generation of the popular car model. As no spectators were allowed to be present due to the pandemic, the release event was recorded for online viewing with several levels of the architecturally attractive DOX Center for Contemporary Art in Prague serving as a backdrop. Lighting design was by Chris Moylan from Optikalusion, who turned to Elation’s IP65 Proteus series to light the happening.

The event took the audience through the DOX building while two moderators conducted interviews with company representatives and artists. Various video clips and a dynamic driving presentation rounded off the launch. The driving presentation as well as parts of the moderation took place in the building’s uncovered inner courtyard. Moylan, who has often worked with moving lights from Elation’s Proteus series, did not have to think long about which fixtures to specify for the project.

“I’ve already used Proteus devices under the most adverse conditions without any problems,” he says. “I am a big fan of the series and am delighted that the Proteus Rayzor 760 has been added as another versatile and creative tool.” Moylan also took on programming duties together with Matthias Allgeier.

Some 69 Elation Proteus Rayzor 760™, 54 Proteus Maximus™ and 20 Proteus Hybrid™ luminaires were used on the project. While the hybrid models gave the show the classic beam look, the Maximus were used for effects and gobo texturing and handled the main lighting of the vehicles. With the Proteus Rayzor 760, however, Moylan formed the entire ambient lighting scheme, which included the facades and the zeppelin “floating” above the DOX. Lighting gear was supplied under the direction of Martin Litov from Pink Panther in Prague.

The Proteus moving lights have been a staple of Moylan’s designs and didn’t let the designer down this time either: “It rained every day – and we didn’t have a failure! IP65 lights are absolutely irreplaceable on these types of shows.”

The main agency in charge of the event was Pure Perfection GmbH while brand specialists Schachzug served as a creative bureau. MacomNIYU GmbH carried out the technical planning. Starlite and Congaz were involved as film and media producers.

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Photo: © Chris Moylan / Optikalusion