CM Srl and Audiosales Bring New Technology To Luxury Liner With 34 CHAUVET Professional NET-X II Nodes

In May of this year, MSC Cruises launched the Virtuosa, the fourth in its acclaimed Meraviglia class of ships. Like its predecessors, the new 331.43-meter long luxury liner is outfitted with a host of amenities from its 13 gourmet restaurants, to its spas, shops and pools, ensuring the comfort and enjoyment of its passengers.

Beyond these flourishes, however, there is another side of this regal ship, one that, although not readily apparent to those on board, incorporates the latest “behind the scenes” technology on their behalf.

Some of these features, like the closed-loop exhaust gas cleaning system that reduces sulfur emissions by 97-perect, protect the environment. Others are in place to ensure that passengers enjoy the most rewarding experience possible in the ship’s clubs, lounges and theatre.

On board the MSC Virtuosa, along with all the high-tech operational equipment, are 34 CHAUVET Professional NET-X II nodes, supplied by Videlio V-HMS, France. Specified by CM Srl, the entertainment consultant for MSC Cruises, the nodes are installed at 10 venues on the ship and are relied upon to provide the entire infrastructure for the distribution and conversion of DMX over Ethernet signals.

Describing the role of the NET-X II nodes, Alessandro Bertulessi, Engineering Design and PM of CM Srl, said “thanks to their power, reliability and flexibility, they fully satisfy the requirements of the activities carried out on board from the smallest space to the Main Theatre.”

Of the 34 nodes on the ship, 32 are divide among 10 venues, whilst two are held in reserve as spares. “Since the ship is not a fixed installation, but a continuously changes its location our goal has always been to create an infrastructure that is as wide and flexible as possible”, said Alessandro Bertulessi “On board, especially in the most important venues, many nodes have been installed to cover different connection points scattered around the environments to account for many variables.”

Given the large number and diverse sizes of the entertainment venues on board the Virtuosa, the design team required luminaires that could deliver a high output, yet were compact enough to fit in tight spaces. They found a solution in the CHAUVET Professional COLORdash Accent Quad, a 10W RGBA fixture that measures 110 x 67 x 172 mm and produces a luminance of 140 lux at 5-meters.

Like the other fixtures in the ship’s lighting system, the COLORdash units were supplied by Audiosales. (The entire system was installed by Videlio VHMS France and MESS Engineering to the specifications of CM Srl and Audiosales.)

A group of 16 COLORdash Accent Quad fixtures were installed in the ship’s French Bistro venue, eight of them mounted on a curved pipe in front of the stage from where they create a colorful atmosphere during band performances; and eight mounted on a power rail around the dance floor.

An additional eight COLORdash units are hung on a curved pipe in front of the stage at the VIP lounge, whilst 12 others are in the Piano Lounge, where they create colorful immersive vistas to reflect the mood of the music.

In the children’s area a pair of Rogue R1 FX-B fixtures are positioned overhead. With five independently controlled moving heads and infinite pan-and-tilt movements, these fixtures are used to create an endless variety of exciting looks for young passengers.

Creating immersive environments for all passengers regardless of their age or interests is one of the things at the heart of the philosophy that has helped make MSC Cruises, the largest privately owned cruise line in the world. At its newest luxury liner, the skilled and creative use of advanced lighting technology has allowed the company to do this more efficiently than ever.