DiGiCo Quantum 225 at centre of precision upgrade for ultimate streamlined touring solution

Karel Marynissen is a sound engineer with an eye for quality. His Ghent based touring company Klaar Voor Opname was established in 2004 and has created spellbinding sound for artists ever since. The DiGiCo SD8-24 had always been the console of choice for Marynissen, but when the time came to replace it, he knew that DiGiCo, the Quantum 225 was the way forward and, Belgian audio systems provider, Amptec, was the company to ensure that the entire system was up to high specification of his mixing console.

Predominately working alone this ‘One Man touring solution’ enables Marynissen to deliver high-end results with a tiny footprint, both physically, environmentally and economically.

Marynissen specialises in amplifying acoustic instruments for jazz and classical music with his attention focused on delivering the highest quality auditory experience for the audience. Utilising top quality equipment means that Marynissen is able to deliver astounding results in a tiny touring package which not only reduces pressure on transport, but also the physical footprint of the sound system.

Karel was very clear on what was required for his new system. Every piece of equipment needed to be of the absolute finest quality and able to cope with the demands of large acoustic orchestrations. The system also needed to have the flexibility to cope with Karel’s varied client list, delivering all of this with minimal cable runs, ensuring a lightning speed set up and take down, packing everything away into a single van for easy transportation.

This seemingly impossible wish-list required detailed analysis to ensure the chosen solution matched the client’s formidable attention to detail. Making the list a reality was Amptec’s David Liebens.

Liebens explains: “We knew that Karel’s next logical step from the SD8-24 would be the Quantum 225, the small footprint and additional features deliver the highest quality results while remaining recognisable to his trusted SD8 set-up.” Another bonus of the upgrade was access to the DiGiCo Quantum Spice Rack and nodal processing.

Marynissen mixes FOH and monitors from his console, as well as managing the performers’ IEMs. The Nodal Processing makes this much more streamlined and allows him that all important flexibility. The Spice Rack reduces his reliance on additional outboard effects units, another important part of his wish list.

Liebens expands: “We had to figure out how to reduce the amount and size of the set up so that one man could load in and out from a small van. The real challenge was cabling, how could we reduce the multiple signal lines into a manageable package?”
The answer came in the form of the Festival Box from Optocore. Using the festival box meant that the FOH cabling could be reduced to a single rugged fibre cable running between two purpose built flight cases. The ruggedized Fibreco 4ch expanded beam connection enabled six MADI lines (3in/3out) and three 1G network lines to be patchable via the custom panels from Amptec Connx, enabling the system to be fully adaptable to any performance.

“Amptec Connex designed two cases, one for the SD rack and one FOH. Both of these have been built so that the Festival Box connections are patchable and perfectly integrated with the rest of the system.”

Marynissen is delighted with the results and sums the feeling up perfectly: “The new setup brings significant time savings during setup and teardown, and I have the flexibility to adjust the setup according to the needs of the day, thanks to the patching capabilities. Having a computer and screen integrated into the console flight case means I no longer need to build and dismantle it separately. Amptec have done a fabulous job integrating everything I need into custom flight-cases with custom patch-bays. I love it!”