DWR Distribution Joins MADRIX As Its South African Distributor

Established in 2005, MADRIX is a German brand of powerful products that are simple to use for creative LED lighting control. Across the globe, architectural and entertainment installations have been brought to life thanks to trailblazing pixel mapping in 2D and 3D provided by the company’s software and hardware solutions.

“DWR has shown a strong commitment to MADRIX for a long time. Even during this difficult pandemic, their team was able to successfully acquire new customers, and take on and support current customers. With deep roots in the entertainment industry and a ‘people buy from people’ approach, DWR Distribution is a perfect match. We are happy to officially add DWR as distributor and welcome them to the MADRIX family. As demand for our affordable control and monitoring products grows, we are expanding and looking for strong distribution partners like them to support us in their local markets. I’m very excited and confident about the synergy created by our two businesses,” says Christian Hertel, Sales Manager at MADRIX.

“Manufactured in Germany, MADRIX is rock-solid. It is currently the leading pixel-control system on the market,” says DWR’s Johnny Scholtz who specializes in architectural projects. “It meets the needs for specific installations like large-scale building facades, or for controlling LED-lighting features in a club or venue.”

DWR Distribution’s Dylan Jones recently used MADRIX for a pixel wall located in a high-end retail store, and the system was as simple as plug-and-play and worked extremely well. “I believe there is huge potential for the MADRIX software and hardware products in South Africa to create more complex pixel-mapping solutions for our clients,” says Dylan Jones. “Products like the MADRIX AURA all the way through to the MADRIX LUNA Art-Net controllers provide everything you need to control any LED lighting. This is a great opportunity for our new projects as well as supporting the current MADRIX client base.”

There’s great hope for the future of South Africa. “While the live events industry is in a lull, we know that as soon as the vaccination program rolls out, the sector will take off again,” says Duncan Riley of DWR. “We look forward to helping our clients with innovative ideas and solutions that incorporate LED technology in a range of spaces from buildings to interiors, studios, and wherever the imagination may lead. The people behind MADRIX are hands-on and passionate about the service they deliver, and it’s an honor to represent the brand.”

Learn more about DWR Distribution online at www.dwrdistribution.co.za