EclPanel is the new look at Sydney’s fashion show

Australian fashion house Aje launched their Resort 2022 collection ‘Scent of Summer’ at The Calyx located in the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney.

Staged by Production Technologies and lit by one of Australia’s most sought after lighting designers Paul Collison, the event proved that PROLIGHTS EclPanels don’t just belong in a studio!

Paul is a big fan of the Prolight EclPanels saying that as soon as they landed in Australia he was fortunate to be able to fire some up, run metres over them and compare them with similar products.

“The first thing I noticed was that they are definitely brighter than panels of a similar type,” he commented. “The colour rendering exceeded expectations but what I liked the most was that they are a complete unit. The onboard ballast means they are much quicker to deploy, pack up and move. They’re just such a great little package and all the available accessories make them incredibly versatile for any number of situations. I am a massive fan of this range!”

The fashion show was held outdoors at a tricky time of day, twilight, which is always a gamble because if you have heavy cloud cover your ambient light is quite low and you need to rely heavily on your augmented lighting. However, if there’s little to no cloud cover and it’s a bright day you don’t have to rely on the lighting so much so Paul needed to be prepared for either scenario.

“We wanted to rely on The Calyx’s natural background to form a significant part of the composition of the photography,” said Paul. “The area required to be lit, ranged from immediately in front of the location of the EclPanels, to further afield on the island in the body of water. We needed to be able to throw light a good 20 metres yet also be able to illuminate the path of the models. The wide pattern of the EclPanels suited us perfectly because it meant we could cover both areas quickly and efficiently.”

On the night it was a perfect mix of ambient light and augmented theatrical lighting. It was brighter than Paul expected it to be at showtime but the EclPanels filled in where required and made a huge difference to the quality of the pictures produced.

The EclPanels also formed a nice aesthetic against the building with Paul noting that they lend themselves to a nice bit of eye candy as much as being a particularly functional and effective light source.
Chameleon Touring Systems supplied the lighting equipment for the show.

Photo: © Andrew Claridge