FIX8Group partners with Cavrnus to ramp up virtual event delivery

FIX8Group is responding to the surge in demand for virtual events by partnering with the spatial visualisation and collaboration tool Cavrnus™ to enhance its innovative event design and delivery solutions.

The move reflects the unprecedented challenges by the event industry in the face of COVID-19, as more global events transfer to the digital domain and require true collaborative, online planning. Cavrnus enables event designers to build and share immersive and interactive 3D virtual environments, such as conference rooms, exhibitions and stores.

FIX8Group says that adding Cavrnus to its stable will facilitate enhanced options for anyone needing innovative technical delivery of online or hybrid events as the industry re-emerges.

“We’re always looking at how we can use best-of-breed technology to help us produce world-class events,” says Neil Trenell, Creative Director and founder of FIX8Group. “Cavrnus allows us to take our existing skill set into collaborative software environments to offer a solution that will work for both our event teams and our clients.

“By adopting this technology and absorbing it into our event design workflow we can open up new avenues for collaboration and event design in the virtual world. We believe this will offer exciting opportunities for our clients who wish to collaborate on a global scale. The world is changing, but new solutions are at our fingertips.”

FIX8Group says adding Cavrnus to its stable will open up new opportunities for virtual event design.

FIX8 says that although video conferencing and screen sharing can be useful in creative collaboration, Cavrnus takes the process to “a whole new level”, enabling designers to collaborate in a live 3D space and share ideas, within the software and in real time.

FIX8 now has a dedicated team of Cavrnus experts on hand to assist with creating environments and content, and to support clients with additional training.

Over its 15 years of operation, FIX8Group has developed a reputation for listening to the needs of a client and then recommending the most appropriate technological solution in order to deliver the intended message with impact and making it truly memorable.

The Cavrnus platform will provide another customisable solution to be considered by clients, who wish to fully immerse its audience within an XR experience.

Anthony Duca, CEO and Co-Founder of Cavrnus, Inc., comments: “We are excited to partner with FIX8Group to lead the way in developing the new immersive experience platform for the spatial age. In these times, people connecting in a meaningful way is more important than ever. The combined technical and creative talents of FIX8Group along with our engineering and 3D domain expertise will help define a new age of brand experiences and live events.”

FIX8Group is inviting the industry to discover more about how it is enhancing its immersive, engaging and productive virtual solutions its Cavrnus microsite at or by emailing

Photo: © FIX8Group