Hippotizer Nevis+ embraced as ‘vital solution’ for smaller productions

Hippotizer’s Nevis+ Media Server is proving to be an essential tool for smaller productions around the world, offering the features and power of its ‘bigger brother’ stablemates but in a more compact and affordable package.

Some of the world’s leading visual design companies have embraced the creative possibilities of the Nevis+ since it was launched in July 2020, using it as a simple-to-use training and demo option as well as specifying it for small to mid-size events.

Maggie Zhu at KUPO (Keep Ur Performance Outstanding) Shanghai was one of the first investors in a Nevis+.

“The main attraction of Nevis+ is its price, coupled with the fact we can use all of Hippotizer’s comprehensive software features,” she says. “For us, the main market for Hippotizer is for performance and theatre. Nevis+ is the right solution for these events, as one machine includes the functions of playback, control, timeline and so on.

“We also purchased the Nevis+ for customer training, demonstration and promotion. In the past, we used the bigger Hippotizer Media Servers such as the Montane+ RTX or the Boreal+ when we needed to test. But now, it’s very convenient to use the Nevis+.”

Over at Sofit-108 in Russia, Andrey Miroshnichenko invested in the Nevis+ towards the end of 2020. “Last year was obviously very difficult for everyone working in visual production,” he says, “but due to its attractive price the Nevis+ offered a good solution for our training purposes. It’s small, powerful, and not too expensive. It’s a dream!

“We are now preparing for projects for which the Nevis+ will be the perfect solution, and we’re looking forward to seeing the results in the near future.”

Pavel Lenoch at LightNeq in the Czech Republic invested in two Nevis+. “The price of the Nevis+ is so much closer to solely software-based solutions, but with Nevis+ we get hardware, too!” he says. “Moving forward, I think it will be much harder for its ‘bigger brother’ versions to win for projects with a smaller budget as our customers can now access a real server with complete set of features for lower price.

“Another good thing for LightNeq, as a Hippotizer distributor, is that we can use the Nevis+ as a demo unit. It always gets more attention from our clients when a demo is done on real unit than on a PC with Hippotizer Play. It’s a very impressive server, and makes it easy to train users even in the most complicated of tasks.”

Over in Slovakia, City Light used its Nevis+ Media Servers as part of its visual solution for a nationwide COVID conference at the Nitra exhibition centre.

“As always, Green Hippo was our first choice for signal playback and processing, thanks to the product quality and features, but also our great experience with technical support and excellent communication from Green Hippo’s sales manager, Evzen Zomer,” says City Light’s Marek Plancar. “We decided to use Nevis+ for the first time for several reasons. Firstly, it has a great price-to-performance ratio, and compared to software-based solutions no additional computer is necessary.

“Secondly, its compact footprint allows us to install Nevis+ units close to the projectors and displays, reducing the need for complex video signal distribution, while still being able to control all the systems via ZooKeeper running on a remote PC.

“Two-projector blends from a single Nevis+ also makes the unit very versatile both for projections and LED screens.

The company is inviting users to experience Nevis+ by requesting a demo via their website.


Photo: © KUPO