Hologramica announces New Studio at Historic London Address

Hologramica, specialists in the design and production of holograms, is celebrating the opening of its new studios on an historic Wandsworth site, thanks to music charity NEKO Trust.

CEO of Hologramica, Liz Berry, commented, “We were struggling to find a home when the NEKO Trust, founded by Glen Rowe, came to our rescue. We now occupy a beautiful, secluded rehearsal facility, previously enjoyed by legendary bands including Metallica and The Rolling Stones. ”

It is from here that Hologramica’s ground-breaking 3D Holonet gauze will continue its ongoing development, along with the company’s production-based activities, which provide holographic hardware, design, content and consultancy for shows worldwide.

“We’ve already installed a stunning 7m wide 3D Holonet rig, alongside one of our portable Holopops Ultra systems,” explains Berry. “Upstairs our filming room can live broadcast holographic people onto either screen as a fully interactive, life-size, hologram. For fully live and hybrid events, the ability to present beamed-in or pre-recorded holographic people is useful and can be spectacular.”

Hologramica is currently booking in-person and Zoom demos of both systems and say they have been extremely excited and relived to see a tangible escalation in interest.