Meyer Sound LINA Line Arrays Anchor Dolby Atmos Systems at ARCADIA Stezzano Cinemas

Two premium large format auditoriums at Italy’s new ARCADIA Stezzano Cinemas are the first global deployments of Meyer Sound LINA® line array loudspeakers as screen channels for the Dolby Atmos™ immersive audio format. The five screen channels are each comprised of six element LINA arrays which anchor sonic imagery across the front end. An additional 60 Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers envelop audiences in the ultimate experience of powerful, dynamic, and richly detailed cinema sound.

The two Meyer Sound-equipped Dolby Atmos™ “Energia” auditoriums are the premier attractions at the new seven-screen multiplex, located in the new Le Due Torri retail complex just outside the northern Italian city of Bergamo. ARCADIA Stezzano is the latest investment in cutting-edge cinema technology by Piero Fumagalli, a pioneer in the development of technologically advanced multiplex cinemas in southern Europe.

“The new ARCADIA Stezzano continues our commitment to excellence by offering the finest cinema projection and sound technology available,” says Fumagalli. “Based on our experience of more than 40 years in the exhibition industry, we believe that Meyer Sound is the absolute best choice for audio systems. The clarity, accuracy and absolute precision of the Meyer Sound systems have no comparison with any others on the market.”

In addition to the 30 LINA very compact linear line array loudspeakers, the Meyer Sound systems in the two Energia premium rooms also integrate two 750-LFC low-frequency control elements per screen channel array, 10 1100-LFC elements, four X800-C cinema subwoofers for LFE and bass management, plus immersive lateral and overhead systems with 32 HMS-12 and eight HMS-15 surround loudspeakers.

A smaller auditorium features three Acheron screen channel loudspeakers and two X-800C cinema subwoofers.

The audio systems were provided by Meyer Sound’s Italian distributor MAC Sound with installation by Brusaporto-based Sangalli Tecnologie S.r.l. under the supervision of Giancarlo Terzi.

“Our Energia Premium Large Format auditoriums build on our continuing collaboration with leading companies recognized worldwide, such as Meyer Sound, Dolby, and Christie,” continues Fumagalli. “The state-of-the-art image and sound guarantee that ARCADIA Stezzano audiences will enjoy a definitive big-screen experience that conveys all the emotions and unforgettable images as created by the world’s greatest filmmakers.”

All seven auditoriums at ARCADIA Stezzano feature Christie 4K laser projectors, Harkness screens, and Italian-made custom Cinearredo recliner seats. The content programming appeals to a wide variety of tastes, with Italian and international film premieres balanced with the great cinema classics of the past.

The Fumagalli family has been a leader in Italian independent cinema exhibition, beginning with Cinema Centrale in 1979 and continuing in 1997 with the celebrated ARCADIA Melzo in suburban Milan. A 2016 renovation of Arcadia Melzo’s 630-seat “Sala Energia” featured the first installation of Meyer Sound LEOPARD line array loudspeakers for the screen channels, making it the most powerful Meyer Sound cinema system in the world. “Sala Energia” received the Best Screen in Europe Award at the ICTA CineEurope conference in 2017. ARCADIA Cinemas now operate at four locations around Northern Italy.

Photo: © Courtesy of Cinearredo