“My go-to choice”: Pixelbug counts on its new grandMA3 onPC command wing

When it comes to lighting production, young aspiring lighting designers Sachin Dunakhe and Amey Pendharkar are always keen to experiment. Settling for mundane work is not in their professional DNA, and that’s why they have invested recently in the unique grandMA3 onPC command wing. With this they have inscribed a new success story for their lighting company, Pixelbug, which is based in Pune, India.

Sachin Dunhake has been using the grandMA2 console range for more than three years now, and he also owns a grandMA2 onPC command wing. He says: “grandMA2 has always been a go-to console for me for various types of lighting design work, ranging from theatre and fashion shows to live concerts and corporate events. The all-new grandMA3 user interface and improved software functionality are definitely worth the time and money investment to help create more enriching visual experiences for the audience. And what better time than this pandemic to dive into this all new grandMA3 world!”

Pixelbug offers a repertoire of lighting solutions with the primary motto of providing innovative and enchanting visual experiences. Now with the brand new grandMA3 onPC command wing, the company can further expand its client base, and especially with an eye on corporate and business ‘hybrid’ meetings, virtual events and product launches / experientials. Even architectural installations are now on their agenda.

Pixelbug’s co-founder Amey Pendharkar has worked in the entertainment industry for more than a decade including being a touring lighting designer and operator for assorted artists including Sunidhi Chauhan, Amit Trivedi, Divine, Vishal-Shekhar etc. He is an avid user of MA consoles and shares his experience with the German manufactured brand.

“My go-to choice for a hassle-free and convenient lighting console has always been MA. grandMA2 consoles and their dynamic feature sets made my lighting concepts and visualizations turn into reality over all these years, and moving up to grandMA3 was a totally logical step. Thanks also to Hi Tech Audio Systems, MA’s distributor in India, for supplying us with the new grandMA3 onPC command wing.”

MA product manager/tech support engineer Kakkaroda Ajay Teja from Hi Tech Audio Systems comments on Pixelbug and Sachin Dunakhe: “Mr. Sachin was an existing MA customer and also very tech-savvy, so he is always keen on new technology. When we introduced a demo on the grandMA3 desk and showed its new features, he immediately liked it and wanted to invest. As a young entrepreneur, the basic model of grandMA3 – which is handy, easy to carry, and lightweight – was a perfect choice. Times are extremely tough right now since Covid-19, and financially it is challenging for anyone to invest in new kit, but Sachin and Amey waited patiently and finally placed an order for the grandMA3 onPC command wing.”

“After-sales and tech support is vital following every single purchase”, says Sachin, “and Hi Tech Audio Systems has been excellent. Being regular MA console users, we expected this of course, and it’s been a privilege to have such an amazing team on hand to help and guide us through the ultimate satisfaction of the purchase. Many avenues will be opening up for Pixelbug after the purchase of the grandMA3 onPC command wing as there are few lighting rental companies in the state of Maharashtra that own such a technological marvel!”

“In combination with the – free-of-cost – grandMA3 onPC software, the grandMA3 onPC command wing is a portable 2,048 parameter controller that can be used in virtually any location. Products like this from MA Lighting are ideal for boosting start-up companies like Pixelbug and allowing them to approach a greater range of clients to grow their business with confidence”, concludes Rajan Gupta, MD, Hi Tech Audio Systems.


On the picture: Sachin Dunakhe (Founder of Pixelbug), Rahul Joglekar (Lighting Designer and Operator) and Amey Pendharkar (Co-Founder of Pixelbug).