PROLIGHTS StudioCob at the No Time to Die Premier

U.K.-based Impact Production Services (IPS), a supplier to the events industry, were involved in the premiere of No Time to Die as an equipment supplier to Limited Edition Event Design who designed, installed and operated the red-carpet lighting for the premiere, with the lighting design by Richard Godin.

The kit list included an all-LED lighting package of over 500 fixtures. Among these units were over 300 PROLIGHTS StudioCob LED Pars along the red carpet all the way to the Royal Albert Hall. “There were two types of StudioCob in use, both from the IP rated PLUS series: the PLUS DY white LED, and the PLUS FC RGBW versions,” said Tom Warden of IPS, adding: “A total of 343 StudioCob fixtures were used, 152 RGBW and 191 DY units. They were all supplied with Barndoors, and a mixture of 18- and 38-degree lenses depending on their position on the rig.

These were chosen from the IPS hire range and selected as a high output fixture was required that was suitable for outdoor use, and available to hire in large quantities of the same fixture type. Although during the hours of the event the weather was kind, there was significant wind and rain during the rig and derig for the event, so an IP rated fixture was essential.

“The fixtures were used to provide general cover lighting for the red-carpet areas, as it is essential that bright, even coverage is provided during these events to ensure that the stars of the production look their best in the press photos,” Tom continued. “The DY units were mainly used in standalone mode, with the RGBW units being controlled via DMX. The units were preconfigured by the IPS lighting team before dispatch from the warehouse, with modes set and lens and barndoor options fitted and units labelled, and then everything was installed and focussed onsite by the Limited Edition Event Design lighting technicians.”

Photo: © Ben H, IPS