The Astera After Sales Technical Support Team Expands

Wireless LED lighting manufacturer Astera is delighted to announce the appointment of Thor-Andre who joins the after-sales technical support team based at the company’s HQ in Munich, Germany.

Norwegian-born global citizen Thor has lived and breathed the brand since being introduced – and blown away by the quality and ingenuity – in 2018 whilst working for UK distributor Ambersphere Solutions.

At that point he was moving to Australia to work with another leading sales company, ULA Group, where he ran their Sydney office with great energy and enthusiasm and further enhanced the Astera success story which kept rolling throughout the pandemic as the film and television industry boomed.

About to start his Permanent Residency application in Australia, Thor discovered that the criteria for PR had changed since arriving in the country, making him no longer eligible! A combination of having enjoyed working with Astera products so much and his ongoing quest for new challenges and horizons led to a conversation with Astera’s sales director Sebastian Bückle … which resulted in the job offer!

“This is a fantastic and hugely exciting chance to work directly with one of the world’s leading entertainment LED lighting manufacturers,” stated Thor, adding that while he has relished living and working in Australia enormously and will miss the sea and warm weather, this “new adventure” is an absolute dream job opportunity!

Thor and his 12-year-old Norfolk Terrier dog, Maiko, who is also from Norway, are upping sticks and relocating back to Europe and the lively and buzzing Bavarian capital city of Munich.

The new role is perfect for Thor.

He will be engaging directly with key customers and companies worldwide offering after-sales support and be working with gaffers, DoPs, lighting and set designers, rental and production companies, combining his first-class communications skills with his love of geekery. He will also be travelling extensively as well as attending all the major international trade shows once they get up to speed post-pandemic.

The role will also involve future Astera product planning and R ‘n’ D. And, building on the great connections he started at ULA Group, his role at Astera will include a ‘special relationship’ with the Australian market to ensure continuity for that ongoing evolution.

“Astera’s growth has been extremely strong even through this very difficult pandemic period, and that’s a testament to the ingenuity, foresight and imagination that goes into producing products that are so ultimately useful and usable!” he commented.

Astera has brought three cool new products to the market this year, and apart from the great products and people, Thor is impressed by the company’s organisation, strategic planning, and future vision.

Sebastian Bückle comments, “Thor is one of the most knowledgeable Astera users and technical supporters out there. His expertise and dynamism will help take our after-sales services to the next level.”