tvONE® goes the extra mile for largest ever CORIOmaster® mini order

When Intronics, the tvONE ( distributor for the Benelux region, received an enquiry for a major order of tvONE’s CORIOmaster mini video wall processors, they called on the manufacturer to see what was possible. Could the units be supplied in time?

The request, from a major European integrator, was for 55 of the powerful processors, destined for a single installation project in The Netherlands. It would be the largest ever single order of CORIOmaster mini units, and with just three weeks before the required shipping date, time was extremely tight. And there was an added problem: the order could not yet be confirmed.

“Our customer told us that although they were 99% sure of the order, they did not yet have it in writing,” explains Intronics’ technical sales engineer Ben Franken. “Also, we knew that an order of that size would ordinarily take a few months to meet.”

However, thanks to Intronics’ long-standing relationships with both customer and supplier, what seemed like an impossible situation turned out to be anything but. “Because of the years of good relationship we’ve had, there’s a tremendous amount of trust and confidence between us all,” says Franken. “I spoke with Alan Greenfield, the tvONE sales manager for our region, and he gave us a quote and said they would need around three weeks to supply the 55 CORIOmaster mini units.”

To meet the imminent deadline, the tvONE team at the UK office in Margate began assembling the units in advance. This meant that, with the order confirmed at last, they could ship the entire consignment inside two weeks. “This was a great achievement by everybody within tvONE – management, finance, factory – the whole team. We are delighted that they were able to make this happen,” says Franken.

An efficient and powerful tool for building large video systems, the CORIOmaster mini has been in high demand for installations worldwide thanks to its advanced feature set enabling intuitive control and manipulation of multiple video sources and displays. Each system can support up to four separate video canvasses, and content windows can be easily moved, resized and rotated, allowing designers great flexibility.

“The CORIOmaster mini provides a solution for so many different types of installation,” says Franken. “It manages multiple feeds, but also includes audio de-embedding, for example, and many other features, so one box can take the place of perhaps two or three different solutions.”

“And, of course,” he adds, “the CORIOmaster range is very robust and reliable. The Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) – well, you can’t really get a higher figure! That’s why it’s used in so many high-security and safety-critical applications.”

Alan Greenfield, Regional Sales Manager at tvONE, says, “This was a tremendous effort by all concerned. The extraordinarily strong trust that exists between tvONE, Intronics and their client, is what makes a feat like this possible. We feel very fortunate to have partners of the calibre of Intronics.”

Photo: © tvONE