PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC takes major update

The extremely successful EclPanel TWC, an LED soft light made by Italian manufacturer PROLIGHTS, has taken a major firmware update which includes new features like XY coordinates control in DMX and standalone modes, editable cinema-effects that enables users to customize effects, and improved PWM frequency up to 36 KHz.

In this new update, the CCT has been expanded to range from 2,200K to 15,000K in the new “Film Mode”, providing a broader set of white points than before. This new mode includes predefined settings for best results on-camera, and a dimmer off feature with snap or fade out options. There is also a high-resolution mode at low dimmer value, and a new dimming curve that offers a 16-bit dimming experience while using an 8-bit dimmer.

These new updates are part of the firmware 2.9 release and have been added after the company’s success in very large film studios and productions worldwide, with customers requesting a wider feature set on a product that has been extremely well received. Not only that, but features like XY coordinates control have been introduced in products like the EclProfile CT+ and are an added technical feature that advanced users greatly appreciate. The firmware 2.9 update is available for the EclPanel TWC through Prolights’ network of distributors.