PROLIGHTS Mosaico XL punches through the darkness

Some of Broken Hill’s key locations have been lit up as part of Australia’s Heritage Perfectly Highlighted project. The project involves permanent coloured lighting and projection installations at the Town Hall Facade, Civic Centre, Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, Town Square and Sturt Park.

Broken Hill Mayor Darriea Turley said the installations would add a new level of vibrancy across the city once completed advising “this lighting will ensure these key areas and buildings around our city are an attraction even at night.

“We can also use it to complement events and initiatives – I can imagine all our prominent spaces being lit up green for St Patrick’s weekend, or in Christmas colours for the festive season. “It will add a whole new element to the city after dark.”

After winning the tender, Mark Hammer and Matthew Tunchon of Silver Bullet Projects provided a turnkey solution to the Broken Hill City Council and Mayor Turley said the Silver Bullet Projects team tasked with the installation “had done a great job under difficult circumstances” referring to COVID-19 stoppages.

Among several units by different manufacturers there were 11 x Prolights Mosaico XL. Some are used for front lighting with their shutters keeping the beams under control and some project gobo patterns onto walls.

“The Prolights Mosaico XL comes with some great features,” added Mark. “I was fortunate to visit the Prolights factory and this was where I first came across them. I thought they were amazing. It’s closer to a theatre fixture rather than an outdoor fixture that just throws a pattern on the wall.”

A total of 41 Prolights ArcPOD8 FC feature in the project with eight at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, five on the Town Hall façade and 28 x deployed in the Town Square where they are positioned in groups of two or four on poles from where they can create pools of light on the ground.
(written by Show Technology)