Absolent choose wireless technology from LumenRadio to enable their IoT offering Predictive Maintenance & Environmental Monitoring

Absolent, a prominent and highly competent supplier of oil smoke, oil mist and dust filters, launches A•smart – a new product infrastructure for maintenance prediction. Thanks to the integration of MiraOS, LumenRadio’s innovative wireless technology, A•smart enables wireless monitoring of filter pressure drop/filter stage predicting and signalling when it’s time to change filter. Predictive maintenance reduces maintenance cost and downtime and improves production quality for Absolent’s customers.

Wireless communication technology is highly advantageous for complex industrial manufacturing sites, where retrofitting of cable-based solutions is often both challenging and costly. LumenRadio’s radio modules with the embedded MiraOS software will be integrated into the A•smart products, ensuring ultra-reliable wireless communication between all units in the set-up. The self-healing and self-forming mesh network does not require radio planning and guarantees a fast and easy commissioning that runs smoothly and problem-free no matter of the conditions of the premises where the installation is to be made.

“This is a typical case where implementation of LumenRadio’s technology clearly shows the benefits for our customer as well as the end user, says Erik Orrskog, Business Area Manager – HVAC & Building Automation at LumenRadio. Absolent can stay confident that their new product offering includes one of the highest wireless standards there is, which ensures a reliable product performance. And their customers, the end user, can be assured to stay ahead of the maintenance game which will save maintenance cost and allow them to keep production running thanks to less, costly, downtime.”

The A•smart system offers the opportunity to monitor the status of Absolent filter units, both new and previously installed ones. Filter status data is collected and sent to the Absolent secure cloud where it can be monitored on a laptop or mobile device via the A•smart Dashboard.

“By monitoring air quality, A•smart will also help Absolent’s customers to maintain a healthy work environment. Knowing that LumenRadio’s wireless technology contributes to such important values is highly satisfying and shows how our innovative solutions can make a real difference.” Erik concludes.

A•smart will be presented at EMO Milano, October 4-9, 2021 and will be will be available on parts of the European market from December 2021. The roll-out of the product will be made in sequences.