CHAUVET Professional Helps Chromasound Zrt Bring Added Versatility To Petőfi Literary Museum

Named after Sándor Petőfi, the Petőfi Literary Museum is located in the neoclassical Károlyi Palace. Inside, it houses an extensive collection of national art and literature in addition to hosting a wide range of programs including lectures, dramatic readings, and musical performances in its ceremonial hall.

Helping the museum meet the diverse demands of the events it hosts at its hall, which can accommodate 60-120 people, is a new AV system installed by Chromasound Zrt. Providing stage and key lighting in the classically decorated 120-square meter, five-window room is a collection of CHAUVET Professional Ovation F-265WW Fresnel and Ovation E-260WW ellipsoidal fixtures.

In addition to being more environmentally friendly than the old incandescent fixtures they replaced; the new LED units give the active venue greater flexibility when lighting events.

Lighting the 6-meter by 3-meter, stage from a front and back angles, the Fresnel units make presenters and performers appear more visible and vibrant.

“With its 27 ° to 68 ° field angle, motorized zoom and a barndoor, the Ovation F-265WW makes it possible to focus the front and rear lights on the actors and furniture on stage,” said Zana László of Chromasound Zrt. “The mounting brackets are positioned to ideally serve any position of the stage.”

The high output Ovation E-260WW, with its 15-30-degree zoom, is used to achieve a slightly more focused face lighting. Light from these lamps, projected from the far end of the 120 square meter hall, complements the front light from the Fresnel units.

Usually, the Ovation fixtures are positioned in pairs on either side of the room. However, the configuration of the newly installed units is rearranged for different events to maximize their effect.

A key consideration in the design of the effect lighting was to minimize the aesthetics of the antique ballroom. Additionally, the designer had to account for the uneven leveling of the walls.”

Regardless of where they are positioned, the new stage lights, along with the rest of the AV system from Chromasound have created the kind of engaging atmosphere that enhances every event at the esteemed venue.