Chromasound To Distribute ChamSys QuickQ Series in Hungary

As part of its ongoing commitment to providing its expanding customer base in Hungary with the highest level of tightly focused service, ChamSys has named Chromasound Plc. the exclusive Hungarian distributor of its QuickQ series of consoles and QuickQ software.

Wannabe Studios, the current ChamSys distributor in Hungary, will continue to focus on the company’s flagship MagicQ range of products. Both companies will distribute the ChamSys SnakeSys line.

“We are focusing our distribution to better serve all levels of the market in Hungary,” said Aziz Adilkhodjaev, International Sales and Business Development manager for ChamSys. “Wannabe Studios is a strong partner, and now having Chromasound on board expands our capabilities even further.”

With their intuitive plug-and-play interface and approachable learning prompts, QuickQ consoles are ideally suited for applications that call for smaller lighting system. The flexible and user-friendly QuickQ software makes the consoles easy to run, even for inexperienced operators.

Based on Chromasound’s extensive 20-year experience in the market, ChamSys is confident that the company will be able develop the QuickQ customer base even further, according to Adilkhodjaev. “Chromasound’s understanding of this market makes them ideally suited to represent the QuickQ series in Hungary,” he said. “We look forward to working with them.”

For his part, Imre Makkay, CEO of Chromasound, declared: “We are very eager to be involved with a series of products that offers forward thinking solutions. The QuickQ family empowers customers to accomplish more with lighting. It represents a very contemporary approach to lighting control at events and installations. This is a great opportunity for us – and our entire customer base.”