Claypaky presents “Shine a Light” – a song celebrating the entertainment industry

The year 2020 will be remembered as one of the most difficult years for everyone working in the entertainment and events sector.

In the effort to focus on keeping up the spirit of the people affected by the current crisis and to close this terrible year with a positive hope, Claypaky created “Shine a Light”, a song dedicated to everyone in the entertainment industry. It is written by Claypaky Product specialist and musician, Manuel Hahn, together with US based Claypaky Product Specialist George Masek.

“Shine a Light” is a rock ballad celebrating everyone working in the entertainment industry. It is meant to raise awareness of the difficulties the people in our industry are living due to the COVID crisis. Music has a way of lifting people at a time when everything else feels dark.

It is not a promotional song or a “product centered” marketing activity. It is a project created by people from Claypaky and made for all our colleagues in the entertainment industry, without borders and limits.

Manuel Hahn, who wrote and sang the song notes: “The idea of a song dedicated to this very particular moment for the entertainment industry came very naturally while talking together with some colleagues. From then, it has been very natural and smooth to start the process. The words and music came very easy, almost spontaneously. It has been a privilege to work on this project and I have to say that Claypaky management enthusiastically approved this idea and supported the production of the song and the video.”

Marcus Graser, CEO of Claypaky says: “The whole entertainment industry is now living a never before seen crisis and we are fully aware that everybody working in this industry is now affected by the COVID situation: from manufacturers, to designers, to rental companies to freelancers. When the team presented this project to the Management Board, we immediately decided to support the idea and to enhance it. We hope that with this initiative we will be able to support at least some of our industry colleagues in need.”

Together with the song, Claypaky decided to produce a limited “Shine a Light” merchandise collection which is available on

All the revenues from the sales of this limited-edition merchandise, including the production costs covered by Claypaky, will be donated to support the entertainment and live events industry members impacted by the pandemic. Claypaky will donate 100% of the revenues equally shared to the following funds: Behind the Scenes (USA), #handforahand (Germany) and Scena Unita (Italy).

The “Shine a Light” song and video are online at the link below. They are also published from December 16 on Social Media and on the Claypaky website.