Elation announces Atendi as exclusive distributor in Denmark

Elation Professional is pleased to announce that Atendi A/S has been named the exclusive distributor for Elation products in Denmark. Effective immediately, Atendi will partner with Elation to represent and distribute Elation’s comprehensive line of lighting products.

Atendi A/S, located in Copenhagen, has a long history as a distributor of professional equipment to concerts, events, film, TV and theatre, as well as architectural installations. Previously known as Bico Professional A/S, the company actually dates back more than 100 years.

“We operate in an industry where there is always a demand and interest in new technologies, therefore we are always looking for brands and products that can fill gaps in our portfolio and had been looking at Elation for quite a while,” states Kenneth Jakobsen, Sales Manager at Atendi. “What really caught our attention was seeing products that were much more than ‘just another’ product, but something with features and specifications that are truly innovative and groundbreaking like SpectraColor color mixing or framing shutters that are powered wirelessly for example. After looking closely at the large portfolio of products that Elation has to offer, it was obvious that the company would fit well into our existing range of high-quality brands.”

Despite the prohibitive restrictions associated with the pandemic, Elation International Sales Manager Frederik Afif was able to explore the possibilities that Atendi offers in the Danish market and developed a good report with the company. “We discovered that we have the same ideas and strategies about how to work,” he comments. “Both companies are very passionate and both agree that the best way to promote a brand is to let designers and rental companies decide for themselves through testing and product comparisons. But most importantly, we both want to establish long-term relationships by offering high-quality products, reliable support and exceptional aftersales-service for customers.”

Jakobsen agrees that shared beliefs and diligent teamwork are keys to a successful partnership. “When choosing a new brand to represent and work together with, it’s very important for us that we share the same vision and strategy and that we team up to achieve this together. One thing is numbers and facts; something much more important is chemistry and gut feeling. That right feeling was there from day one when we started talking to Elation.”