FIX8Group’s ‘The Hub’ used as studio for Ruroc ad shoot

FIX8Group’s virtual events, broadcast and connectivity centre The Hub was recently transformed into an advertising shoot film studio for extreme sports outfitter, Ruroc.

Music video production company Swords and Eagles, and legendary music video director KC Locke, worked closed with FIX8Group to develop The Hub to reflect the narrative of the promo film.

Within The Hub, the Studio space’s 12m x 4m, 2.6mm pixel pitch LED screen was used as the main visuals backdrop for the shoot, offering more than 4K resolution. FIX8group’s tech team showcased the screen’s agility and flexibility as scenes were changed instantly to promote Ruroc’s range of motorsport and snow sports headgear.

Special effects including pyrotechnics and innovative lighting techniques were used to create an optimum environment for the story to unfold. As part of the shoot, ‘intruders’ dressed in black combat fatigues and equipped with laser-guided imitation firearms added to the excitement of the filming.

FIX8Group’s The Hub Studio was provided the set for Ruroc’s ad shoot.

“We were thrilled to see The Hub being used in a completely new way,” says FIX8Group’s MD, Mark Porter. “The shoot drew on many of The Hub’s strengths: super hi-res screens which are able to create immersive 3D environments, a well-equipped lighting rig, and a customisable space which can be adapted to fully suit the client’s needs. The attitude to COVID-safe working practices was demonstrated at all times in a very professional manner.

“We created The Hub to be a robust, secure and dynamic technical environment where filming solutions are ‘practically endless’, so seeing it used in this way so soon after launch was very exciting.”

Director KC Locke comments: “A number of locations had been scouted before choosing the FIX8 facility. The Hub’s entire environment, technology already in-situ, layout of the building and outside spaces fitted in so well with the concept we were trying to capture. It’s fun utilising new spaces and creating a story, in line with a client’s brand ideas. It’s one thing coming up with an idea, but it’s the team around me who bring the spark to life. FIX8 were helpful throughout the filming and did everything in their power to accommodate our requirements.”

In addition to the Studio space, The Hub offers The Gallery, where live feeds from the Studio or off-site converge and can be mixed and manipulated and combined with pre-recorded materials. And at the epicentre of The Hub is the Master Control Room, which processes data traffic and provides live streaming options.

FIX8Group is keen to point out that COVID-Secure policies were adhered to throughout filming.

Photo: © FIX8Group