grandMA3 onPC rack-unit: The all-round lighting control solution for installations

The 19” grandMA3 onPC rack-unit is a perfect lighting control solution for fixed installations like theaters, shopping malls, TV/streaming studios or houses of worship, or for a reliable grandMA3 lighting control system backup solution. It can also be implemented as a stand-alone lighting control system for shows that run automatically, due to external triggers or the Agenda function, e.g. in a theme park or for an architectural lighting scheme.

The latest grandMA3 onPC software version 1.5 is already pre-installed on a powerful computer so all the features and software functionality of the grandMA3 console are at hand. A mouse, a keyboard and up to two external monitors can be connected for the direct control of 2 048 parameters. In combination with other onPC products, this can be extended to a maximum of 4 096 parameters.

It is not only a powerful control solution, but also an optimal playback device. All relevant connections, DMX out/inputs, MIDI in/out, Timecode and DC remote for direct use are already built in. This makes the 19” grandMA3 onPC rack-unit a perfect solution for any installation project!

It is possible to combine the grandMA3 onPC rack-unit with a grandMA3 onPC command wing and/or up to two grandMA3 onPC fader wings to control or pre-program a show. In addition, it can act as a fully-fledged and reliable backup unit in your grandMA3 lighting control system.