grandMA3 software release 1.5.: New Features and workflow improvements

MA Lighting has now released the grandMA3 software version 1.5. This release brings many new features and functionalities, workflow improvements in different areas of programming and additional tools especially for the first steps into the world of grandMA3 lighting control systems. It will enrich the overall lighting control in many different areas, such as installations, concert/touring, television and architectural applications.

The top features of grandMA3 software version 1.5 are:

  • Absolute and relative values completely separated
  • USB MIDI support for the onPC software
  • Agenda
  • Free designable DMX curves
  • Special Values – The real reference for your Defaults
  • New Capture function – Create a snapshot of your look
  • Encoder resolution per attribute

Additionally, there are many workflow improvements, especially in known functionalities for existing MA users. The Patch section has been completely redesigned, including a new split view and the ability to include MVR data in the existing showfile. Features like Pan/Tilt Offsets or the Swop function for playbacks have been implemented and designed with better workflows than ever before.

The conversion of grandMA2 show files to the grandMA3 software now supports many more objects. Groups and Presets are converted and lead to a better starting position for users who want to continue with their existing grandMA2 show.

Last but not least, this release offers a completely new tool that MA Lighting had not implemented before: A self-programming grandMA3 Startshow! The user only has to patch some fixtures and can start programming immediately – Groups, Presets and various Layouts are already predefined and can be used right away. This is a game changer, especially for the first experience with the grandMA3 lighting control systems!

For the complete list of features and enhancements please visit:

Here you can find some video tutorials about the new features. Additionally, you can visit the MA E-learning for the grandMA3 special v1.5 course with all information about the new software release. Just contact your local MA distributor to get access!

The grandMA3 software is the soul of the grandMA3 platform and has been developed to meet current and future lighting control requirements. MA Lighting continues to deliver a lighting control tool for new and existing users of all genres to create new and exciting shows of any scale.