Green Hippo launches HippoSchool Online

Video manipulation expert Green Hippo is launching an online version of its popular ‘HippoSchool’ training for the first time, making it universally accessible in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The move means more emerging users of its industry-leading Hippotizer Media Server range can access learning in a virtual environment anywhere, anytime, while adhering to social distancing guildelines.

HippoSchool Online offers complete basic training of the Hippotizer ZooKeeper software – the control interface for Hippotizer and the hub for real-time control of the engine and all of its components. Sessions consist of two online courses that take approximately five hours to complete, with more courses in the pipeline. They are modular, with videos that the user can follow in their own time, featuring ‘Try It Yourself’ tasks to ensure full immersion into as-real-world use of the feature-packed software.

“We’ve built the new online training sessions for HippoSchool to make it more accessible for our users, allowing them to do the training in their own time, anywhere,” says Green Hippo’s Training Manager, Suzy Stenning. “HippoSchool Online enables our users to take control of their learning. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved – a truly comprehensive and easy-to-access online version of the courses – and we hope those wishing to advance in the world of Hippotizer will agree.”

Green Hippo says it acknowledges that previously, those undertaking the courses would need to take two or three days out of their schedules to complete the course, travelling to training locations, with the additional cost of flights and hotel accommodation.

“The new online training means that people who were unable to do this before now can and even better, they can look back at the videos for up to six months after they’ve completed the training,” adds Stenning.

HippoSchool has been running for more than seven years, and in the past has involved in-person training sessions held either at the company’s London and Los Angeles locations or on-site, with a team of Green Hippo training staff flying out to teach. Green Hippo is keen to highlight that these sessions are not stopping, but paused due to the pandemic.

To date, HippoSchool has visited 38 countries worldwide across five continents, training more than 2,000 students, freelancers and professionals ranging from 14 to 70 years old.

“We’re confident that after taking HippoSchool Online, users can walk away knowing that they have the skills to operate live visuals in whatever form,” Stenning continues. “And our famous Hippotizer Support doesn’t stop there – our team of experts is always on-hand to assist our growing Hippotizer family throughout their careers.”

Green Hippo is inviting those interested in HippoSchool Online to discover more at

Photo: Green Hippo