The New IP65 Rated CHAUVET Professional ColorStrike M Adds Versatility To Any Rig

Bring on the rain. The ColorStrike M from CHAUVET Professional can be used in all sorts of weather conditions, but that’s just the beginning of this unique hybrid strobe’s versatility. A powerful cool white strobe and RGB color wash with motorized pan/tilt and variable PWM, this tour-grade LED fixture also offers an array of other features that will expand any designer’s creative options at concerts and festivals, indoors or out.

Versatility is built into the very design of this one-of-a-kind rectangular fixture. At its center are two cool white strobe tubes, which can be controlled together or independently for stunning chase effects. Thanks to their intense brightness, the strobes, each of which has 14 sections, will make their presence felt at any venue.

Above and below the dual tubes are seven sections of RGB LEDs, each of which is individually controllable. The design of the wash, allows the LEDs to disappear into the background when not in use.

Although the ColorStrike M has XLR connectors for DMX/RDM, and TCP/IP connections for Artnet, sACN, and access via the Web Server, the fixture’s macros allow designers to select different speeds and directions for the strobe tubes and wash LEDS (as well as colors for the washes) to create an endless variety of looks on the fly.

“We designed the ColorStrike M with real world applications in mind,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “First and foremost, we wanted it to be IP65 rated, so it would be versatile enough to use in different conditions. We also wanted to offer a fixture that could serve as an eye candy effect and wash, as well as a strobe – and we wanted to make it easy for designers to create a lot of different looks, even when they’re at a festival without a lot of time to program.”

In keeping with this focus on versatility, the ColorStrike M has two omega brackets for hanging, one on its base, the other on the side. This allows the it to be rigged as a tilting or panning fixture.

At a time when outdoor shows are becoming more numerous and more varied in size and scope, this versatile hybrid strobe will be a welcome addition to any rig, rain or shine.