tvONE® announces CORIOmaster® control integration with Neets

Leading AV signal distribution developer tvONE has announced that that its CORIOmaster video wall processor range can now be controlled by Biamp’s Neets product line, thanks to some nifty driver innovations from Biamp’s new family of AV control systems.

tvONE approached Biamp with a view to enhancing integration between products that would harness the simple UI of the Neets product line to control basic functionality of the powerful CORIOmaster processors. Biamp responded with new drivers for Neets control panels that operate the CORIOmaster family of products simply, efficiently and intuitively. The new drivers enable commands including on/off, source select, and preset recall. The drivers are generic and can be used on all future applications where Neets control products and CORIOmaster products are used.

There are benefits for both tvONE and Biamp here, and we’re very proud of what we’ve achieved,” says Michael Munch, Head of Strategic Business Development at Biamp. “We now have a central, unified, easy to configure control option for the fantastic CORIOmaster processors. The benefits for the end-user are clear: the Neets uniform keypad can now provide simple control via our aesthetically pleasing and intuitive device, easily configured through Neets’ Project Designer software.”

Neets products from Biamp are in use in more than 250,000 meeting rooms and classrooms around the world. The company says it’s on a mission to make life easier for presenters, who require easy control of visuals.

“Biamp’s close collaboration with stakeholders and our focus on providing design-driven solutions help us to deliver user-friendly interfaces to those who interact with their products, integrators, and end-users,” adds Munch. “We are thrilled to have worked closely with tvONE to now offer control integration in this way and the process has been smooth and supportive throughout.”

Both tvONE and Biamp are keen to highlight that there is a mutual interest in pointing the industry to their respective products as a reliable, robust and simple choice for integrators installing AV equipment, with tried and tested drivers that are readily available.

The Neets control integration announcement comes hot-on-the-heels of tvONE’s software and firmware update for the CORIOmaster2, which offers a wealth of advanced new features, enabling video professionals to create augmented 4K/8K (4K60 4:4:4) video experiences for high-end LED installation, projection edge blends or monitor walls.

Additionally, the updates have the potential to enhance a host of application uses, including in healthcare, broadcast, e-sports, live events, education, and corporate environments.

Photo: © Biamp