Ultra Son’s DiGiCo console fleet has grown with the new Q338

The Ultra Son company, founded in 1996 by Patrice Polak in Saint Quentin in the Aisne region of France, initially concentrating on the rental and sale of equipment for DJs and local services.

Maxime Polak, Patrice’s son, gave the company new impetus when he took over it in 2011, expanding its activities to servicing concerts and events, providing sound, lighting and structure. This vision paid off, as has its investment in DiGiCo consoles over the years, with the latest addition to its inventory being a Quantum 338.

Ultra Son prides itself on adapting to each client’s requirements. Its choice of equipment reflects that with continual investment to ensure it has product that will fit any project, whether for rental or purchase. Its DiGiCo console fleet started with the purchase of an SD8 in 2015 and has grown over the years, with S21s then an SD12 added.

This July saw them add the Q338, the first Quantum console for the company, its processing quality, flexibility of flexible configuration combined with redesigned ergonomics to cope with any operating requirements chosen to meet the growing needs of the evolution of the company towards larger productions.

Deployed throughout the summer at a several festivals, the Q338 has delighted every sound engineer that has mixed on it.

“Since we first purchased the SD8, DiGiCo has kept the same philosophy of ergonomics while constantly developing the functionality and power of their console,” says Polak. “The Q338 keeps the same style of interface but adds functions that are specific to the Quantum range, such as Mustard and Nodal processing, Spice Rack plugin style native FPGA processing options
and the True Solo function. And we know from experience that it will evolve and grow! The Q338 allows us to meet the needs of larger productions and will continue to do so for many years to come.”