Vari-Lite VLZ range illuminates Egyptian Pharaohs Parade

The powerful output and rich colors of the VLZ range of luminaires from Vari-Lite, a Signify (Euronext: LIGHT) entertainment lighting brand, were harnessed to light up Egypt’s treasured historic landmarks for a procession of 22 ancient Pharaohs through the streets of Cairo.

The ‘Golden Parade’ event, which showcased the mummified pharaohs as they were transported from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilizations four miles away in al-Fustat, Old Cairo, was organized by The Ministry of Tourism and Antiques.

The event’s technical production team approached Hamed Arafa of rental house Hi-Lights Group – a Vari-Lite and Strand distributor in Egypt – who proposed Vari-Lite VLZ PROFILE and VLZ WASH luminaries to bring light and color to the visual spectacle.

“Using Vari-Lite products for this culturally significant task was our only recommendation,” says Hamed Arafa. “For the huge productions that we helped to deliver, we knew that Vari-Lite produces the quality of light we wanted. The VLZ PROFILE and VLZ WASH offer the latest high output LED sources and use unbeatable advancements in quality, zoom lenses and shutter technology.” The Hi-Lite’s team collaborated with Lighting Director Maria Younan of Siraj Lighting – a design studio in the heart of Egypt – to design and deliver the event. Younan specialises in exterior architectural lighting design and took up the challenge of truly shining a light on Egypt’s magical past by using the lighting technology of the future.

The team used the high-output VLZ range to light the Hatshepsut Temple, The Sphinx and The Great Pyramids for the promo shots of the Pharaohs’ Golden Parade. At Tahrir Square and along the entire length of the procession, more VLZ PROFILE, VLZ WASH and VL10 luminaires were deployed. In the same square, Vari-Lite SL BAR 640, SL WASH 350 and SL PUNCHLITE 220 luminaires were used to light the passage of the mummies. SL PUNCHLITE 220 luminaires were also used indoors for the elegant interior, lighting towering walls, prominent statues and the focal stage area.

The entire procession was broadcast live on Egyptian television to a huge viewing audience, as the 40-minute journey escorted the Pharaohs in individual chariots through crowds of onlookers to their new resting place. Leading the parade was Seqenenre Tao, a ruler of the Theban region of Egypt in the Seventeenth Dynasty, some 1,600 years ago.

“What I find most impressive about Vari-Lite technology is its user-friendly design,” Arafa explains. “Our team is well-versed when it comes to operating massive projects, but with the glorious quality Vari-Lite provides, we know we can achieve optimum results every time. Each of the fixtures we chose enabled us to deliver beyond expectations. Ultimately, Vari-Lite produces the kind of products that help our clients trust us with their vision.”

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Photo: © Hi-Lights Group