Creative Technology invest in PROLIGHTS EclProfile FS

During the late summer of 2020, Creative Technology (CT) made the final transition to their new 105,000 square foot warehouse space in Las Vegas, NV. The new warehouse offers CT over three times the space of their previous location. “Plain and simple, we needed more space, we were busting at the seams in our old location.” Says Chris Wasilauskas, Technical Director of Lighting for Creative Technology. “We needed more space for our current inventory as well as additional space for the new gear that we have been adding to meet our clients’ needs.” Adds Wasilauskas. The new warehouse in Henderson on Raiders Way dedicates 60% of the space to lighting, the other 40% to a combination of Video and Audio.

Helping to fill out the new warehouse space, Creative Technology recently invested in 500 PROLIGHTS EclProfile FS LED Ellipsoidal from A.C. Lighting Inc. “We have been looking for an LED-based fixture that has excellent color rendering for the camera, full-spectrum color mixing and is easy for technicians to operate onsite.” Say Wasilauskas. The EclProfile FS hit each of those requirements and more. “A good portion of our business is large-scale corporate events.” Says Ian Dobson, Project Manager for Creative Technology. “A number of these types of events can have multiple breakout meeting rooms each requiring a basic stage wash. A single gig can have as many as 200 hundred EclProfile FS onsite. On top of that, we can have multiple events happening in the same time frame, so we needed the inventory and space.” Adds Dobson.

CT’s goal, to make setup and operation as simple as possible for on-site technicians. The EclProfile FS offers that having a single channel mode that handles the intensity of the fixture. “We mainly keep our EclProfile FS in daylight mode, but have the ability to change between, 3,200k, 5,600k, and 6,500k all right in the fixture.” Continues Dobson. The EclProfile FS offers additional control modes that increase channel usage with the users’ need for greater color manipulation.

When first researching LED Ellipsoidal, CT’s team worked closely with PROLIGHTS US distributor, A.C. Lighting Inc. “CT and A.C. Lighting Inc. have long had a fantastic working relationship.” Mentions Wasilauskas. A.C. Lighting Inc.’s PJ Turpin and Darrell Barnes set up and organized shootouts of various Led ellipsoidal for the CT team. In the end, the advanced optics, color matching/rendering, and support that PROLIGHTS and A.C. Lighting Inc. offered won over CT. “The color matching between the fixtures is fantastic. Combining the year and a half development behind the optics, A.C. Lighting Inc.’s commitment is demonstrated in the ElcipseFS.” Adds Dobson.

Even after the purchase, A.C. Lighting Inc. worked extensively with CT to perfect the EclProfile FS by honing on the color matching across the fixtures and to provide CT with updates “CT is a fantastic partner,” says Turpin. “We were fine tuning their early shipment of fixtures to meet and exceed their standards and make the EclProfile FS what it is today.” Adds Turpin.
(written by A.C. Lighting Inc.)

Photo: © Creative Technology Group, Inc.