Elation TVL Softlight ideal 4K filming complement at Anthony Murray Studios

Integration company Sound Principles Pro of Georgia has installed dynamic-white TVL Softlight DW™ luminaires by Elation Professional in a new professional studio in Atlanta, Anthony Murray Studios. The temperature controllable luminaires provide variable shade projections of high-quality white light for two broadcast spaces, working together with color-changing fixtures and a large video backdrop from Elation sister company ADJ.

Conceived by Anthony Murray – founder of the Oasis Church in Greater Atlanta – the multipurpose studio provides local businesses and creatives a turnkey solution for producing high-quality video content. The facility will also be utilized by Anthony’s church, and others in the area, as a resource for recording video sermons and other faith-based media.

Sound Principles
Sound Principles designed, specified and installed the lighting rig along with the high-resolution ADJ LED video wall and an adjacent green screen. Sound Principles company manager Matthew Russom served as designer on the project, handling the front end before handing it off to project managers Steven Shelton, Paul Shelton and Micah Willis who sorted out patching, assembling and installation. “They handled the whole process well and did a beautiful job,” Russom states.

4K video filming
The team at Sound Principles designed a cube-shaped truss structure, which fills the room, providing a ground support structure for the video wall and full lighting rig, as well as rigging points for the green screen backdrop on the opposite side of the room. A line of truss down the middle of the space can cover both the LED video wall and green screen areas.

“I was looking for a fixture that would be appropriate to light up the area in a nice warm wash for 4K video filming and the TVL Softlight DW was our best option,” Russom states. “The level of even coverage, the brightness, the ability to change color temperature, and how well it translates into high res video, when you look at other products at that price point I was just not confident that they would do the job and be dependable.”

Some 27 TVL Softlight DW are used in the space, some mounted back to back on the middle truss to cover each side while others are mounted at utility locations to create a rear or side wash. “We can bring up a scene on either side for a green screen wash or LED wall wash and not a single fixture has to be moved,” Russom says of the setup, adding that occasionally they will pull a fixture to do a quick social media video.

TVL Softlight
The TVL Softlight DW houses both cool white and warm white LEDs for linear color temperature control (3,200K – 5,600K). Its uniform flat-field output combines with conveniences like dimmer and color temperature rotary control dials for simple projections of variable white light. White color reproduction is of the highest quality with a CRI over 95 and each fixture includes removable 8-leaf barn doors.

“They wanted to nail the design and let us get the studio what was needed to execute all the different things they want to do in the space without having to use a lot of extra people,” says Russom. The TVL white light projection is facilitated by ADJ 12PX HEX LED pars spread throughout the space with ADJ COB Cannon Wash ST fixtures used for house lighting between shoots. ADJ Vizi Wash Z19 moving head LED washes are mounted to upright trusses in each corner of the room.

Keeping it nondramatic
Sound Principles works with manufacturers rep firm Freed Sales, who Russom says help them consider options and then select the best products for each particular application. When it comes to specifying, he says he likes to keep the quoting process nondramatic. “Therefore, I tend to gravitate toward brands that don’t end up having problems later. When it comes to lighting, we have specified Elation and ADJ for a number of years. It’s a dependability factor. I’ve had great success using those two brands of fixtures on hundreds of installations.” He says that in addition to Anthony Murray Studios, Sound Principles is using the TVL fixtures and installing them regularly. “We’ve put them in churches and small businesses who want to do commercial videos and they’ve worked out wonderfully.”

With a comprehensive lighting system, large LED video wall, green screen setup and complete package of cameras and other equipment, the new Anthony Murray Studios complex truly lives up to its founder’s vision of providing a full turnkey solution to its users.

Gear List:
27 x Elation TVL Softlight DW
126 x ADJ VS2
18 x ADJ VSRB1
22 x ADJ 12PX HEX
6 x ADJ COB Cannon Wash ST
4 x ADJ Vizi Wash Z19
NovaPro UHD Jr
ArKaos Studio Server
ArKaos Media Master Pro

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