Elation July 8 Coffee Break: What makes a luminaire a superior tool for creative lighting design?

In many respects, a lighting designer is only as good as the lighting tools at his or her disposal. So what makes one luminaire a superior tool for creative lighting design and another not? Join Alistair Smyth and Frederik Afif on the July 8th Elation Coffee Break as they showcase one of Elation’s most popular and creatively rich moving heads, the Artiste Picasso™.

From Elation’s award-winning Artiste series of creative, full-featured moving heads, the Artiste Picasso is an innovative and inspirational theatrical-grade luminaire. The 23,000-lumen LED light is rich on features, including a zoom and a rotating 4-blade framing system, and houses the latest in artistic projection possibilities, allowing lighting pros at all levels to light like a master. A universal fixture with the flexibility to serve a variety of applications, it produces the uniform field of light that designers prefer while staying whisper quiet, making the Artiste Picasso ideal for stage environments of all types.

The Elation Coffee Break on the Artiste Picasso will air live on Thursday, July 8th at 11:00 a.m. CEST at http://www.facebook.com/ELATION.Pro.Europe/live/.
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The Elation Coffee Break is an online presentation series from Elation’s European office in Kerkrade, the Netherlands that takes an up-close look at some of the company’s most popular product series. To view previous Elation Coffee Break webinars, please visit www.facebook.com/ELATION.Pro.Europe/live/.